When the Banks Say No…

….Our lenders choose to say Yes!


If you look and the difficult situation so many people are faced with, together with the poor economy, the regular Joe is just not able to get finance, like a personal loan when they need it most.  Most banks will not even consider your application for a loan if you don’t have an almost perfect credit record.  They have strict measures and often decline the application at first glance.  We created this service, acting as a broker, hoping to help regular people obtain loans. That is why we are there to help.


In your imagination, just try to put yourself in the position that you have been given assistance even while your credit record is not good, or if you have some defaults or judgements on your name.  Would you apply if you were able to?


Here we try to do all the work by gathering up all your information and using our expertise and know-how in the market to help you acquire the best personal loan we can.  If you get this loan, you’ll get cash flow relief.  Loans on offer are from R1,000 to R150,000 – even if you have a bad credit record.


What are bad credit loans, or as it’s often known as: Blacklisted Loans?

Blacklisted loans are loans particularly designed for people who have been put in a position where they do not have a good credit record or where they have a judgement or default on their name and are not able to get a loan from other lenders like banks..


Who gives the money?

We are not the loan providers. We will help you by applying to our various financing companies for the cheapest loan option available to you. All our lenders are duly registered by the NCR. This means that all there sales agents and loan brokers need to stick to the NCR rules too. This means that your interests are being protected.


We don’t need to see you in Person

This is the best part… You don’t have to come in to our offices to make an application in person.  Through modern technological advancements we are able to get in your application by facsimile (fax) and email.  This means that you can be anywhere in South Africa and we will still be able to help you.  We will email you the moment we have a initial quote and if you want to accept it, you can simply sign the documents and send it back to us by fax or mail, then that’s it.  Once the final approval is done the loan amount will be paid straight into your personal bank account.


The Documents we need and why we need it.

There are 3 main documents we will need from you.  First we will need your latest payslip.  Second we need an up to date three (3) month bank statement.  Third we would need a copy of your identity document (ID).


The risk involved when applying for a loan as a client with a bad credit record is very high for the institution lending you the money, and therefore these documents are needed to determine if you are able to afford the loan.  The National Credit Act will not allow loan providers to give you a loan where you over commit yourself, and therefore these are required.


Use only reputable loan institutions

Be sure to make an application to lenders that are registered with the NCR and comply with the rules of the NCR.  Because we act as a broker only we need not register with the board, but we need to act in harmony with all the rules and regulations.


When you get a loan you are helped to get level with any accounts that have gone into arrears.  If you pay your loan back every month you may qualify for a bigger loan in a few months time.  You will also benefit because you will improve your credit record and you may be able to buy assets like a house or a car in the near future.